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error 21000068 resetting your Epson T50 or Epson T60

Get an error 21000068 when repair or resetting your Epson T50 or Epson T60
and not see  any solution to prevent the problem. Why not try this
tips, but reset this method not recommended for beginner user and you
must understand what you are doing. These tips from Jagdish Rathore (India) and I have been granted permission to publish on this blog. He also has been publishing this reset method on his blog on: If you do not have any knowledge about PCB and electronics, I recommend don’t try this reset methode.

Here the reset method from Jagdish Rathore:

  1. Turn off printer and open printer.
  2. Open your Epson main PCB board.  You can view an 8 pin CMOS IC. 
    That is Epson waste ink counter IC and found on all Epson Printer.

  3. You can reset your printer without any resetter by following these ways.
  4. Soldering pin no 1,2,3,4 by wire  as show in PICTURE and now turn on printer for ”20 second”

  5. After 20 second turn off printer  and remove soldering wire from pin no. 1,2,3,4 ( back in original condition)
  6. Now turn on your printer
  7. And now your printer will be RESET

Note: This method is not recommended for beginners so you have to
understand what you are doing. All problem caused by this tutorials is
not our responsibility. Use this tutorial as your own risk.

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